Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Three Weeks And Counting

Only three weeks left for both of us in our current jobs. Matt's last day at DuPont will be June 20 and Heidi's last day at LBJ Hospital will be June 22-ish. (Don't ask, it's a long story.)

We had a super Memorial Day weekend, especially since Heidi was off the entire 3 day weekend and we used it to celebrate her 32nd birthday, which is actually today.

Naturally, the blessings have continued to pour in. We had nearly $1000 almost literally fall into our laps just last week from a source we would have never guessed about. Additionally, our "weekend home" in Beaumont, finally repaired from Hurricane Rita, went on the market on a Wednesday and by Sunday we had two offers. Neither was for less than the asking price. Barring any unforeseen events, closing is scheduled for the week before we leave. Is there any question that God has a hand in this?

A group from the mission team is heading to Guatemala tomorrow for three weeks. They will be hosting some folks and doing a bunch of work at the school and the dorm. Pray for their safe travel and productive stay in Guatemala.

It is with equal parts excitement and terror that we look at a rapidly approaching departure from the U.S. and the way of life that both of us have known for 32 years. America, the English language, Capitalism, and striving for our own gain will give way to Guatemala, the Spanish (and K'iche) language(s), and working for the Kingdom. There will be no Target or Circuit City, no air conditioning (thank God for altitude!), and no Chik-Fil-A. (Wow! Are we really ready for this?)

Touring will no longer be to put on rock concerts but to help deliver a baby. A two hour commute will no longer cover 125 miles or be to make plastic pellets, but instead may cover 20 miles and help treat life-threatening diabetes, asthma, or infection. Coming home may involve returning to a house with 25 people sharing one kitchen (and one incredible faith).

So lots of changes are expected and we're sure that MANY, MANY more that we can't even anticipate are in the cards, too. Please keep us and the rest of the team in your prayers.