Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guatemala Trip Scheduled

Ironically, sometimes things move a little slower here in the US.

It's taken us a little while to get our feet on the ground here in North Carolina and now we are ready to schedule our first round of return trips to Guatemala. It looks like it'll be the second week of the second month of each quarter in 2009. Our time will be spent in clinic and in surgery, God willing, along with bringing and delivering supplies to other missionaries in Guatemala.

And, of course, Isaac needs to visit his "big sisters", Abby and Grace, in Canilla. Now that he can walk, he might be able to defend himself a little better. But what are big sisters for, right?

With the tough economic times here in the US, sometimes it's hard to remember that we are still, far and away, the richest people in the world. If you get sick, you have almost immediate access to world-class health care. Gas costs way less than a day's wages per gallon. Meat costs less than a day's wages per pound. You are probably feeding fewer than 10 children on more than $15 a week.

Even if it means cutting back on "necessities" such as that extra package of channels on your satellite TV, eating out twice a week, or even buying brand name detergent, please remember the missionaries around the world in your weekly or monthly offerings.

We are hearing incredibly sad news that missionaries in Guatemala and around the world are suffering due to huge decreases in giving. Know that the work of God must continue. Souls are being saved in distant lands - places where the name of Jesus has never been proclaimed - through the work of missionaries. We understand that during tough economic times, sacrifices have to be made. But please sacrifice in your own life and not in the lives of those so much less fortunate than ourselves.

You can't out-give God. Give Him an opportunity to prove it to you. Please keep giving to missions, especially during these times.

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