Thursday, February 07, 2019


Getting ready to set up clinic!  The cool thing about this mission is that it has been ongoing for so long and has been so sustainable. This is the storeroom where we keep the clinic supplies on designated shelves when we are not here.  (Heidi pictured)

Three sweet sisters!  I love this picture and these ladies-- we are operating on the one on the right tomorrow...

Mother and daughter, operating on mom this week

Unflattering picture of me, but at least I look passionate?  I'm praying fervently for this lady, who we are doing surgery on this week-- We are really worried about the state of her tissue that we are operating on.  Please do pray with us for Matea's surgery!

Part of our clinic set-up this morning-- pretty state of the art exam lamp, right?  (#itworksfinethough)

Heidi and Kathryn giving a quick talk to the patients before starting clinic, asking for their patience to wait their turn on this long day, and letting them all know they will be seen eventually but can EAT in the meantime (they all tend to show up fasting!)  

From the second floor of the hospital-- I have always LOVED the open air here!  I swear it helps them heal to be out in the sun on their post-op days and not cooped up in a sterile hospital room!

Three of our nurses that will be worked HARD this week once we start admitting patients tomorrow... feel free to keep them in your prayers also.  They manage to keep great attitudes all day and all night long despite the tripled or quadrupled workloads while we are here.

Photo cred for ALL of these to Mili!  THANKS!  I'll try to upload one with her in it in a minute...

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