Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dios Es Mejor Utz

Can't believe we forgot to share this story from yesterday. So consider this "part 2" of yesterday's entry.

One of the patients we saw (well, Charlie, really) was an 87 year old man who had little to complain about - I think he just got some vitamins. He looked, physically, to be about 87, but his mannerisms, internal energy, spryness (is that a word?), etc. were more like about 50. That's pretty unusual around here, since people tend to age very quickly.

He was SO energetic and upbeat and positive that we felt compelled to comment. We told him that he looked and acted more like 50. He said, "50?! I'm almost 100! In 13 more years, I'll be 100!" First, that's an amazing feat of mathematics for most Mayans. Second, he then told us his secret.

He told us that he was a Christian and that if we were Christians, too, we would see him in heaven. He told us that "When you walk with God, you don't get tired." And my personal favorite, that "Dios es mejor utz."

Dios = Spanish for "God"
es = Spanish for "is"
mejor = Spanish for "better"
utz = K'iche for "good"

The literal translation doesn't really capture the meaning, but you can figure that he's telling us that God is the cat's meow. We laughed quite a bit with him and agreed. Mayans always think it's the funniest thing ever when a gringo understands a word or two of K'iche.

Anyway, that's that. And for more on God being mejor utz, check out Rachel's blog today and join us in prayer for them.


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